So, keto or not keto?

So what exactly is all this keto nonsense?

Picture 4

Or this
Picture 6

or this
Picture 7

Basically it’s eating a diet based on above ground vegetables, animal products, nuts and fats.
It’s about cutting the shitty man made carbs such as any flour based products – breads, cakes, cookies etc, any processed frankenfoods – cereals, sauces and condiments, basically anything you buy froma  supermarket in a can, box or bag. And also avoiding sugar, whether that be from lollies, candy, fruit or milk.

In a nutshell, it’s about replacing the carbohydrates mentioned above with nutritious lower carb vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, brussel sprouts, that offer more nutritional value such as fibre (essential to keto if you wanna poop without busting an eye blood vessel), vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrates are also replaced with fat.


That’s right people.
The very same named stuff that you are trying to remove from your body, becomes the largest macronutrient you must consume on a ketogenic diet.

But, won’t eating fat make me fat? Won’t it clog my arteries? Won’t I have a heart attack?

In short, no.

In length, please, please, please watch this, or this or read this. I’m not as qualified as the above doctors or scientists.

Essentially, following a ketogenic diet is achieved by getting most of our calories from fats, an adequate amount of protein and a small amount of fibrous carbs from vegetable and nut sources.

70- 80% fat
15-25% protein5% carbohydrate
of total daily calories cosumed.

In the beginning it is a hard concept to understand. It goes against the grain (literally) of what are we pre-conditioned to view as healthy, god forbid food we should eat when trying to lose weight.

Aside from the normal side effects which last about a week or two, depending on how carbohydrate and sugar adled your body is (you can read about these side effects here) you may also feel physically ill from consuming all the fat. All I can say is don’t despair. Do not give up. Do not revert back and eat sugar or empty carbs. Because keto eating + sugar + empty carbs = weight gain.


And even though you might just have a smoothie. Or a fruit salad. Or half a bagel. Or whatever you eat when you have to stop and ask yourself, “Is this keto?” or stop and tell yourself, “Just this little bit won’t hurt”, it will hurt.

Eating keto and cheating on keto is a surefire one way downhill spiral to disaster. You can’t eat such a high fat, calorie dense diet and throw non descript food in and expect results.

You have to go into keto 100% or nothing.

If however, you happen to overeat on keto foods, which is easy to do in the beginning as:
1. The food is so effing delicious. Bacon and eggs. Creamy, cheesy cauliflower gratins and mash. Pesto salmon. Juicy lambchops served with haloumi. Rare ribeye – fat included. Um. Yum.
2. As fat is calorie dense, portions are smaller. However, when beginning keto it is such a change for your brain visually to eat smaller portions and mentally to feel like you have eaten enough. Physically, you feel full, however, if like me, it is not about being full. It’s about stopping eating when I say it’s over.
This too will change will keto. The satiety achieved is a game changer. Now, I’m no scientist, but it changes something in the brain that makes me stop and evaluate, that yes, I really am full and can stop eating.

So….if you do happen to overeat on keto foods in weeks 1-3 as your body is getting adapted to this new way of eating, have faith, it will settle, and soon, as happened to me after week 3 and definitly into ketosis (smelly pee, boundless energy, intermittent fasting) you’ll be able to feel free from food. You can wake in the morning and not have the first thing you think about be about food. Be satisfied from an ounce of macadamias.

So, to round up, what happened last time?

I’m not sure, I really enjoyed cooking keto, even though it was hella expensive here in korea to buy key keto items such as butter, cheese, cream, cream cheese. Even my boyfriend was starting to believe in keto – or wanted to because of the delicious meals I was making.

I think it failed because I failed to plan properly. I didn’t continue to count my macros through my fitness pal. I freeballed it too much in the beginning. I wasn’t 100% committed and gave myself cheat days, which turned into cheat weekends which turned into breaking up with keto.

I started focusing on what I wasn’t eating, fruit, vegetables in mass consumptions, alcohol.
And now, 4kgs heavier than what I was when I stopped keto 3 weeks ago, I realise that it actually worked, not only on the scale and my jeans, but also with my mental clarity and desire to workout.

And to clarify, I didn’t go crazy when I stopped keto. All I did was go out and buy a boatload of fruit and yogurt and enjoyed a green smoothie daily, as well as morning yogurt and berries. I also made a big pot of vegetable soup which I consumed at all meals, and still gained 4kgs.
So, I’m not blaming a lazy thyroid or anything, but I truly believe after all the childhood crap food, drugs, dieting and diet pills I’ve put my body through, my metabolic system is in utter confusion and shutdown and holds onto anything sugar or carb related.

Eating higher fat by following a ketogenic diet seem to be the only thing that have worked.

So. I’m gonna keep it simple this time in the beginning. And keep my green veges up so I don’t get keto constipated. Last time I didn’t poop for up to 5 days and felt, well, like shit.

No wonder.

So, simple. Not create keto masterpieces where I will overeat, thus still consuming too many calories. Keto’s not a green light to tracking total calories and macros is key to success. Although, it has been proven, 0verconsuming keto calories isn’t as dire as overconsuming normal SAD foods.

Food I will consume:
Eggs – chicken, quail
Meat – beef, pork, chicken
Seafood – mackerel, salmon, oysters, prawns
Cream cheese
Heavy cream
Sour Cream
Sharp Cheese
Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, salad. Smaller portions – capsicums, onions, garlic.
Nuts – almonds, macadamias
Butter, coconut oil, avocado.

An example of my macros:

Picture 3

Whilst I know this isn’t the exciting, glamorous food I once have been consuming, even whilst on keto, it’s to keep me on track and from obsessing about food whilst I’m trying to break into ketosis once more.

It’s a start. Todays brunch at 12pm was 3oz steamed broccoli, 5 whole eggs with 2 oz cream cheese. And it was delicious. And it’s now 3:30pm I’m still full and satisfied to the point where I wouldn’t even want to eat food. Any food. Meat, fruit, grilled cheese sandwich. Fat fills me to the point, where if I am full, the thought of more food nauseates me.

Think of entering ketosis as your body as a factory.
Usually your body manufactures iPads. Its is streamlined with all the machinery it requires to produce iPads.
However, oneday, you decide to manufacture Rolls Royce cars. All the workers, all the machinery isn;t fit to manufacture cars. There is confusion and in the beginning progress is slow. However, after a few weeks, things start to make sense, the workers understand the process, the machinery’s been reconfigured and progress is up, up and away!

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